The Sentient Warrior Project

Presented by Greg Million

Who is Greg Million?

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Greg spent many years in Los Angeles before moving to Calgary, AB in 2006. Greg’s personal mission is to help others develop deep and meaningful connections, as he has come to realize that is the single most important human goal.
Greg is a Male Vulnerability Advocate who speaks from the heart about the lessons he has learned in his own struggle to embrace his masculinity while articulating his emotional life. His talks are passionate, heartfelt and interactive, providing attendees with down-to-earth advice crafted from his own experience.

Greg offers talk on the following subjects as part of The Sentient Warrior Project:

Male Vulnerability – a talk focused on how Greg came to embrace vulnerability as an intrinsic part of being masculine.

Redefining Masculinity – a talk focused on the four major attributes of masculinity and how reframing them helped Greg connect with what it means to be a man.

Emotional Equity: Creating Safe Spaces for Connection – a talk focused on building relationships through the expression of our emotional truth in ways that allow for authentic connection.


The Sentient Warrior Project:
Redefining Strength in Masculinity

Date And Time

Sun, November 3, 2019
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM MST


Croatian Canadian Cultural Centre
3010 12 St NE

Join Greg Million in the next section of the Sentient Warrior Project. Based on his own personal struggles with vulnerability, Greg shares how he has redefined strength and embraced openheartedness. His message inspires us all to look at ways we can collectively work toward helping the male-identifying people of the world define what masculinity is to them. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the discussion.
Doors open at 2 pm. Talk begins at 2:30 pm and is approx. 60 minutes long. Tickets are $15 and may be paid for in cash at the door. As seats are limited you may wish to reserve your seats by emailing: and you will receive a confirmation email.

Join Greg on the Spirituality Gone Wild Facebook page on Thursday, December 27th at 9 pm EST/7pm MST.

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“There is a collective movement towards oneness, non-dualism, and the authentic expression of our true selves. Greg is a voice in that movement, leading a dialogue to new frameworks and possibilities, choosing love and releasing fear.”

Shari Derksen, MA, Registered Psychologist

“True masculinity isn’t about being the kind of bombastic phony that many men still think they have to be. It takes insight, strength and courage to be a real man, one who is strong enough to not only drop his guard, but not need a guard. Somehow Greg Million recognized that in his own life and now makes his insights available through public discourse that I find fascinating, touching, relevant, and illustrative.”

Kyle Maschmeyer

“Listening to Greg speak is inspirational because you’re watching someone put his message and mantra into action right there in front of you. He bares his vulnerability so that he can make an impact on someone’s life. He doesn’t shy away from his past, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind or use direct language, and he is always open to discovering new things while imparting the wisdom he’s gleaned. Greg is real in the fullest sense, and his courage and example is what we need right now.”


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